... your music resonates with me very deeply. Thanks for sharing part of your soul, it's more than music, it's an experience, a journey...”

— Lorena - Ottawa - Canada

Thanks! 🙂 Magical playing and beautifully sad.”

— πασχαλινα - Larisa, Greece

Your music touches the core of my heart and soul”

— Rosie - Canada

I saw your performance for the first time this past Friday and it was amazing, mesmerizing and totally unique, very different than other music performance that I had seen before and very unexpected. ”

— Tatiana - Toronto, Canada

Whenever I listen to your santur music, I always think of my loneliness. To be thoughtful To be quite To being plaintive... When I hear your Santur, I'm feeling these emotions”

— Fatma - Turkey

I just want to thank you for all your beautiful music , I live in Island Gili-Trawangan Indonesia, We play your best music at our Bar in the Beach every morning and at sunset, Thanks for all lovely music you make. Hope one beautiful day you will be here and play”

— Julian - Indonesia - Gili Trawangan

I wish to deeply thank you to have crossed my path. With you I discovered music that allows me to travel peacefully in a safe space of deep connections with nature and myself, I'm grateful to have met you. Your bright eyes and big smile alighted my day.”

— Jackline - Vancouver Island

You take your audience to heaven with your music. I love Santur and always wished to learn how to play but never did. Listening to your music just made me going after my passion. Keep up the great work, your style is hard to use a word to express how wonderful it is. Unbelievable, awesome and wonderful You also have a wonderful smile that really stands out in the entire work. Keep that as your signature in all your upcoming works. It does the magic the way I do not have words to explain that. I just wanted to say thank you for the great moments I had while was watching your videos. All the best, and looking forward to you bright future as a musician. ”

— Maryam - Canada

Hi there, stumbled on your music on YouTube, I am a huge fan.”

— Hal - Calgary

You are my favorite santur player... I want to learn your style...”

— Hakan - Turkey

I can not remember when was the last time that I enjoyed live music as much as I did at your show. Keep doing good work brother, you are special.”

— Mohammad - Canada

Dear Sina, I want to thank you for your beautiful music. It is so inspiring for me and it carries so much energy to my ear.”

— Michael - Germany

Hello, your music is just wonderful! I can't find any right words! I wanted to ask if you come to Europe as well”

— Mahsa - Switzerland

Hello Sina, First of all I wanted to congratulate you because your music is so beautiful, and also to tell you that it is the most beautiful way I heard a person play the Santur. My name is Ileana, I am from Argentina, it is almost 8 years since I am a quadriplejic because of an accident, so I can not use my fingers. I always loved music, before my accident I started playing the accordion, but after it I could never play it again. That is way I searched for an instrument I could play and learn and found the Santur, a hammered dulcimer.”

— Ileana - Argentine

My name is Nuno, and I'm writing from Portugal. I saw your website a while ago and I've been listening to your music, it's very good. I appreciate very much the way you use classic Persian music to create your own style. ”

— Nuno - Portugal

You play amazingly. I really enjoy it. You show me a different sound of Santur”

— Fatema - Germany

You've done a fantastic job with Ray of Hope ... I truly enjoy every single song and connect to them all individually ; the Ray of Hope track - it really delivers that sense of madness and hopelessness gradually transforming...there's suddenly a sense of hope..like no matter the circumstances, it can.. and will always be okay. - Lullaby of Spring- I don't know what it is, but somehow it makes me feel nostalgic about my childhood in Tehran and makes me miss my family even more!”

— Saeedeh - England

I was at your concert at In/Future and it was a fantastic show. You make beautiful music. Thank you! ”

— Michelle - Toronto

Last night I came to see your moving performance at The Aga Khan Museum. WOW it was such a moving, magical, and marvelous performance. THANKS A MILLION for providing me a heavenly experience. You are AWESOME !! ”

— Jawed - Canada

سينا بطحايى عزيز، خواستم ازت تشكر كنم. بابت همه ي لحظات خوبي كه با اهنگات داشتم و دارم. واسه به سوی آسمان كه واقعا منو از زمين ميكنه و پروازم ميده. واسه لبخند ياس، كه منو ميبره به حياط خونه مون توي شيراز و درخت ياسش. به خاطر سفر. به خاطر خاطرات كودكي. به خاطر به یاد می آورم. به خاطر اولين اهنگي كه ازت شنيدم و اونقدر دوستش داشتم كه عين يه گنج واسه خودم نگهش داشتم و به كسي نشونش نميدم. ويدئويي كه توش توي يه خيابون ساحلي نشستي و سنتور ميزني. ازت ممنونم”

— Maryam

سلام عرض می کنم و بسیار ازتون سپاسگزارم برای اجرای بینظیر دیشبتان در مونترال. نهایت پاکی، سادگی بود و زیبایی. من اول بار از شما یک اجرای خیابانی در فیس بوک دیده بودم. عالی بود”

— مهبد - مونترال